5 Standout Trends from the Spring / Summer 2021

Button-Down, XXL

How passé to believe your oversized shirting is your “husband’s shirt,” your “dad’s shirt,” or “borrowed from the boys.” Let your double XL be yours and yours alone. The look is all about billowing silhouettes that take inspiration from standard poplins reimagined in bright shades of pink and orange, done up as dresses, shown extra long and extra wide, or with proportions that simply make you look twice.

Cinch It

The waist has it for spring. Though belts are hardly new, this fresh iteration is never low slung. Instead, it’s all about creating shape on the body. Whether you’re all about bows or something edgier like heavy metals, you’ll have no trouble finding middle ground.

Cool Khakis

Mix up all your go-to denim looks with lighter shades of khaki. The tan cotton fabric, née chinos, often reserved for high school boys and suburban dads is getting a high-fashion turn in oversized, slouchy takes paired with uber-feminine portrait tops, tailored blazers, sweater vests, and more sequins than you might expect.


The runways sang a timeless ode to the workwear wardrobe in shades of beige and off white with ultra graphic details like pockets, belts or rivets.


Candy is at the head of the pack of this season’s trends. Sugary candy tones from cherry to raspberry bring some rose-tinted energy to summer.

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