Our HANDS… With them we catch, hold, caress, hug, sence, create…

Everything starts one summer in the caravan … I hold a rope and make KNOTS .. Knotes that become BRACELETS, bracelets that go to the wrists of my friends and so we remember with LOVE each other, until we meet again next summer… Something like CHARM .

They say that everything you make with your hands is made with your heart, since hands and heart are connected!

With these hands and all my love, I create KNOTS for you that will travel you and will be your CHARM!

These KNOTS are from me to you!


I create knots in order … to untie your hands.
Give your home another aesthetic, decorating it with handmade pieces.
Give your daily life a different mood!


At #Kobi all products, even the packaging, are handmmade from natural materials, which are not harmful for the environment.
They are created with a lot of passion by me for you and their quality is sure that will satisfy you!

In crafting, there are no mistakes, just unique creations.